Celebrating Finn Turning 1!

Finn got the royal treatment last weekend as we celebrated in Winchester the big milestone of turning 1. We had an Irish theme to the weekend given his birthday is so close to Saint Patricks Day.  From green pancakes to his green outfit to green decorations, Finn lived up to his 1/8th Irish roots!

Before we get to his birthday, here are the stats on Finn from his annual doctors appointment:

  • Teeth = 8 in so far
  • Weight = 20.1 pounds (a lean boy for sure like his daddy)
  • Height = 30.25
  • Head = 47 cm
  • Personality = we would describe Finn has sweet, observant, cautious, and stubborn.  He is generally very happy, mellow, and easy to be around. He likes to watch everything, from cars passing out front, to other kids playing. He does not crawl right over and jump in…he takes his time, planning his next move related to what he wants to do.
  • Crawling = at rapid speed including cruising along all furniture in his path. He stands and pushes certain toys around
  • Food = loves it all except carrots. He only wants to eat with his hands and we are starting to work on him handling a spoon.  He has gotten very independent when it comes to eating! He especially seems to like eating out and is so well behaved, which is nice for us.  We even have him noshing on salmon and cod. He is also now on a regular breakfast, lunch and dinner routine with a couple of snacks in between. I still make all his food (shocking…I know) which includes small muffins jammed with all sorts of goodies, random assortment of fritters (zucchini parm is so far my favorite), apple sauce, and steamed veggies.
  • Sippy Cup = still not there but  mostly b/c we never try. Gotta work on that.
  • Naps = still has 2 a day. One in the morning and one in the early afternoon. Usually about 90 minutes…he loves his nap time.
  • Playtime = Finn has really gotten strong the past few weeks. Starting to grip a small soccer ball, hold it up and throw it. He gets a kick out of pushing it back and forth to us. He also likes to know you are watching him while he is playing…clearly looking for encouragement. His obsession with all things wheels still continues…he has a bevy of Matchbox cars he loves.
  • Words = he clearly says “Da Da” and uses it clearly when he sees Ryan. For me, I usually get a raised eyebrow so we are working on “Ma Ma”. He has his own language and yabbers alot – we just aren’t sure what he is saying!
  • Music = he seems to bop around now and again depending on what he hears. Recently, it was to Frank Sinatra. Not bad taste at all.
  • Sleep = in the crib, still 7ish to 7. No blankets or cuddly items – I feel bad about that but when I gave him one, he seems annoyed throughout the night that it was in his way.  So out it went! We have been back on track since the end of his never ending cold in January that took over his sleep schedule.

At the Doctors
Considering he got 3 shots, he did really well! Dad holds him while he gets the shots because I am a lightweight when it comes to needles.

Morning Pancakes
Made with love by Dad.

Hanging Out in his Shamrock PJ’s
He was pretty fired up in the morning and it had to be his outfit…he even busted into one of his gifts early.

Birthday Celebration
Perfect weather for a March birthday as we had the “Chester” crew stop by to celebrate with us for lunch.

The Cake
My new found friend, Beckaboo’s Cakes in Winchester, VA. She did an awesome job and even threw in a “smash” cake, although Finn was not too into the sweets (no complaints here).

Fun with the Fam


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