Weeks 34 – 38: Keeping Us On Our Toes

The last 3 weeks can be summed up by three words – FINN’S FIRST COLD.  Yup – it hit right before Thanksgiving and dragged on for almost 2 weeks.  I had no idea a cold could be so disruptive but boy was Finn sick – a runny nose that seemed to never end, a cough that shook his whole body, and sleepless nights (the worst part for us). Too boot,  I then caught it (Ryan somehow avoided it) and I am still recovering.

So I finally have gotten organized with pictures and videos and excited to catch everyone up on all the fun up until Thanksgiving. I also have a few fun videos of Finn really crawling and now pulling himself up to stand! We did venture out today now that Finn is healthy again and got a XMAS tree (December 8 2013) – can’t wait for the holidays to come around and enjoy it with our family.

Weekend Walk at Mt. Vernon
Finn and I spent a Saturday walking the trails near beautiful Mt. Vernon in early November, which is only about 10 miles outside of Washington D.C. We even brought lunch and relaxed waterside to enjoy the views. Such a great day.

Crawling to Standing
Even sick over the past few weeks Finn has really progressed with his crawling and attempts to start standing.  He enjoys exploring all the rooms in the house.

Finn Crawling – 7 mos

Finn Crawling – 8 mos

Finn Standing in Crib – 8.5 mos

Finn’s First XMAS Tree
From beautiful fall weather to snow on the ground! We were so happy to wake up to snow falling today in D.C. So we bundled a now healthy Finn up in about 10 layers and headed outside to get a tree.

Finn & His Many Faces
One second happy….the second ready to spring out of his high chair.


Happy Boy


2 thoughts on “Weeks 34 – 38: Keeping Us On Our Toes

  1. THANK YOU MUCH FOR SHARING THESE DARLING PICS OF FINN. I was sorry to hear of Finn being sick. It was a blessing that Natasha could come to stay with him for a few days. Here’s wishing you’ll a healthy Christmas season. Love,Pat Owen

  2. Love the photos – all so great and beautiful. Wonderful keepsakes. He is such a doll. Love the shoe/foot in mouth. Wonder what Finn thought of the snow.  Think he was perplexed! Look forward to seeing the tree.   Hugs, MamaBabaNatasha

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