Week 15: Talking Up a Storm

Finn has become VERY vocal. Totally not understandable, but interesting and comical to watch him attempt to communicate with us. If I am on the phone, he gets louder and louder as he is now realizing his voice can now get our attention. Smart kid.

Tummy Time

Finn is a very mellow baby…except when it comes to laying on his tummy. He is NOT a fan of this and we were told to ensure we make him do this everyday to strengthen his neck. We can maybe squeeze in 5-10 minutes of this a day as that is all he can take but he is getting better every day!

All About the Hands

Finn is also now realizing he has hands! He stares at them very intensely and puts them in front of his face to inspect. He does this many times throughout the day and just a few days ago, started to grab at things in front of him, the first being his bottle of course.


The picture says it all….healthy 15 week old baby!

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