Week 3: Starting Over Again

Frenu What?

So the week began with a new word in our vocabulary – frenulectomy. Otherwise known as “tongue-tied.” Our bud Finn was born with a tongue issue that makes it hard for him to stretch his tongue fully b/c his frenulum is too tight – and ultimately hard to breast-feed.  Luckily, it can be remedied with a quick visit to a pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist who clips it on the spot.  Of course it’s never fun to hear words like “a little bit of anesthesia” and “he will bleed slightly” in the same sentence when talking to your pediatrician about the option presented to us that would  fix the situation.  So after a trip to Georgetown Medical, and a very anxious mom who was not aware she would have to hold Finn while they did the clipping (slightly tortuous), Finn is doing great. He is slowly re-learning how to feed properly, which is a bit stressful for mom as he gets frustrated pretty easily, and has a whale of a cry, but we hope in the next week he is back to calmer and more relaxed Finn.

Growth Spurt

So Finn has been rapidly growing and has put on a full 1.5 pounds and has surpassed the 7 pound mark as of yesterday April 6th! He also has grown almost a full inch more.  He is actually filling out his clothes for the first time instead of looking like the clothes are wearing him. He likes to stretch out his long lanky legs after a changing.

We have been living in 2 to 3 hour increments of nursing, sleeping, eating, laundry, walking, playing, rocking, and more.  We had thought we had a pretty good cycle of eating, sleeping, and playing during the daytime, but since his little clipping, he has been quite fussy and has been tough to put down at night and seems to think night is when its great to be up! Lots of walking the floor and thank goodness we had our renovation as the floors don’t squeak anymore.


We even made it outside as the weather finally turned – I got a chance to try out the Ergo Baby carrier that was given to me and it was fantastic to be able to give my arms a break and carry Finn around in a new way.


Visit from the Hedges Grandparents

We had an Easter visitor when Dad and Roseanne stopped by to hang out with Finn and give him an Easter basket – glad they remembered as his parents were a bit sleep deprived to think of it!

Photo Gallery from the Week

With lots going on and Finn changing daily, we took a ton of pictures so enjoy a few of our favorites!

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